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A huge part of achieving the goal of bringing an end to the slaughter of our American horses is giving people the tools necessary to intelligently discuss the issue both with those who know nothing, and with those who are pro-slaughter, only because they don’t have all the facts yet. This would include both ordinary citizens, whether they own horses or not,  and those who represent us in our government. So now, you can give them the facts!

Horse Slaughter, Its Ethical Impact and Subsequent Response of the Veterinary Profession.  CLICK HERE to read Full Paper by Veterinarians For Equine Welfare

EXCERPT:  Veterinarians for Equine Welfare (VEW) is a group of veterinarians committed to equine welfare, and as such we support measures to end horse slaughter including passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1176). We are concerned about misinformation being transmitted to Congress and the broader public regarding horse slaughter. VEW believes that certain veterinary professional associations that are actively promoting horse slaughter are undermining our profession’s integrity and the welfare of the horses we care for. In so doing these organizations, of which many of us are members, erroneously purport to speak for our entire profession. Veterinarians should put animal welfare at the top of their list of priorities, not relegate it to an also-ran concern.

Horse slaughter has never been considered by veterinary professionals to be a form of euthanasia. Congress and the general public must hear from veterinarians that horse slaughter is not and should not  be equated with humane euthanasia. Rather, the slaughtering of horses is a brutal and predatory business that promotes cruelty and neglect and which claimed the lives of more than 100,000 American horses in 2008.


White House Issues Statement Saying No Slaughter in Foreseeable Future | Horse Back Magazine.. (December 13, 2011)  CLICK HERE to read the comments  to the article in Horse Back Magazine.   There are 130 Responses to it by really knowledeable people!

EXCERPT:  The Obama White house has acknowledged profound opposition to reinstatement of federally funded meat inspectors in American slaughterhouses that process horses.

In an official statement that came late Tuesday on the federally recognized “Day of the Horse,” Dr. Elisabeth Hagen, Under Secretary for Food Safety at the U.S. Department of Agriculture said there will be no horse slaughter likely in the foreseeable future.


Horse Slaughter: Truth and Deception.  CLICK HERE for a great resource of information from Americans Against Horse Slaughter,  with lots of internal links within these categories.

*Past Legislation
*Current Legislation
*Abuse, Neglect and Abandonment
*Unwanted Horses
*Types of Horses Slaughtered
*Reality of the Slaughter Pipeline
*Mass Abandonment Allegations
*Horse Racing
*Treatment of Slaughter Horses
*Brutality and Cruelty of Horse Slaughter
*Impossibility of Regulating Horse Slaughter to be Humane
*Alternatives to Horse Slaughter
*Euthanizing Horses
*Health Risks and Disease Implications Associated with Consuming Horse Meat
*Correlation of Serious Crimes and Crime Rates with Slaughterhouses
*Decline of Property Values and a Decrease in the Quality of Community Health
*The Monetary Link between Horse Slaughter, Congress and Big Agriculture
*The Government Accountability Office Report
*Proposed U.S. Slaughter Plants
*Anti-Slaughter Support
*When and Why Did Horse Slaughter Begin?
*It’s not what you think — a lesson in deception
*Horses in War and the Military
*In the Fight against Diphtheria, the Heroes Were Horses


WHAT REALLY HAPPENS IN AN AREA WITH A LOCAL HORSE SLAUGHTER FACILITY.  Letter to Legislators from Paula Bacon, Former Mayor ~ Kaufman, TX.

CLICK HERE for Complete Letter at Animal Law Coalition.


Drugs prohibited for use in horses intended for human consumption.

CLICK HERE for list of prohibited drugs in horses intended for human consumption, provided by Veterinarians for Equine Welfare.


Information Obtained from the USDA Regarding Violations of the Transport to Slaughter Regulations.  WARNING: The files and videos are graphic and contain disturbing images of animal cruelty and abuse.

CLICK HERE for complete Information Obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.


Toxoplasmosis and Horse Meat, France.  Emerging Infectious Diseases.

CLICK HERE for Complete Report from Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.


Report from HSUS.  Food Safety Risks Associated With U.S. Horse Slaughter.

CLICK HERE to Read Full Report.



One thought on “Suggested Reading

  1. I have a number of documents verifying our stand on horse slaughter that I’ve been collecting for a couple of years. They are on, and this is the link to my collection:

    Most of these are in PDF form and you can download them for your own collection if you wish. I add to this collection frequently, so stop by often. These are great to send to your legislators.

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