Saving Horses From Slaughter ~ One Bill Board at a Time.


Okay folks here we go! Help get this board up in Portland! We got one up in Salem a few weeks ago, now it’s Portland’s turn. We’re Very Close to Reaching Our Goal. Please click link to help… PLEASE HELP if you can and PLEASE SHARE.

CLICK HERE to Donate to the Angel Acres Anti Horse Slaughter Bill Board.



New Anti Horse Slaughter Billboard Going Up In Canada. Please Chip In.

NEW ANTI HORSE SLAUGHTER Billboard Going Up in Canada ~ Please Chip In.
Angel Acres is very excited to announce they have an opportunity to put another Anti Horse Slaughter Billboard in Canada. This location gets 20,000 Plus in traffic each day. We have only 72 hours to raise enough to put up this board, so lets get busy!

Please Click on the Chip In link below: