1) We oppose the slaughter of American horses and support the American Horse Slaughter Protection Act (S. 1176 / H.R. 2966), which would end this gruesome practice.

2) American tax dollars should not be paying for horse slaughter.
a. We don’t eat horse meat in the U.S.
b. Horse slaughter is not a job creator and is a burden on local communities.
c. Horses give their hearts to us. They helped us settle this country, carried us into battle, and continue to work hard for us every day. It is a betrayal to sell them to foreign butchers.

3) Slaughter is not humane euthanasia. It is animal cruelty.
a. Horses’ instinctual flight response makes them ill-suited for stunning, so they often endure repeated blows and sometimes remain conscious during their dismemberment. The same stunning methods used at former U.S. plants would be used again.
b. U.S. government documents indicate there were cruelties at the former U.S. plants.
c. Part of responsible horse ownership is providing a humane end for a horse through euthanasia, not slaughter.


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