Congress wants us to Concentrate on One Petition ~ Please Sign


After conversations with several congressional aides, they informed us that Congress is really paying attention to petitions. They stated we needed to focus on just ONE petition, not create 100 petitions but focus on 1. Therefore we are asking everyone to share this ONE petition everywhere, it already has “34,282″ signatures. This is our time and the time is now!!!!!

CLICK HERE to Sign Petition.  Overturn the Legalization of Horse Slaughter For Human Consumption.

Horses are NOT for human consumption. They have been a part of our evolution for THOUSANDS of years, carrying us on horseback, pulling our carriages and plows for crops. We would not be where we are as a civilization without them – that alone should be enough cause for us to respect them enough not to eat them. Honor our history. Now, horses are a part of another form of transportation. They are our partners in personal and leadership development, they take us to the depths of our psyche and gracefully show us how to be better humans. Read the work of Dr. Allan Hamilton, a neurosurgeon who eloquently describes the science between the horse and human interaction, and how merely being around them – in their presence increases our brain function. They are also used in therapy for the mentally and physically handicapped. Have you ever seen an autistic child get on the back of a horse? Their faces light up with joy and their expression defines the very connection they have with that sentient being at that moment. People suffering from muscular dystrophy go through physical therapy on the back of the horse, because of the way they move simulates the way our hips move when we walk. The millions of reasons why this law should be overturned are details, a story. The true reason is in your heart. Could you really eat a horse? Sign this petition if you disagree with horses becoming a part of the drive through menu at your local fast food chain.



11 thoughts on “Congress wants us to Concentrate on One Petition ~ Please Sign

  1. This petition does have a lot of signatures, but in reading it saw nowhere a mention of prohibiting transport of horses to Canada & Mexico for slaughter. If we win the first part, banning slaughter in the US, we are still sorely lacking if horses are still allowed to be shipped to Canada & Mexico for slaughter. We need to win both!

    • Barbara, the petition may not mention it, but it’s part of the bill (S.1176/H.R.2966) itself – no transport to slaughter (for the purpose of human consumption), within or outside of the U.S. as well as making horse slaughter for human consumption illegal in the United States

  2. Im hella tired of all this letter writing , petition signing, calling officials, etc etc. But of course , I will continue to do so out of my love and adoration of our Horses both wild and domestic. However, I WANT SOME ACTION OUT OF THIS LAME AND BLIND Government. WTF? I dont care about agendas and yada yada protocol blah blah blah. I want this congress and senate to work for US yes and USA majority rules for the PEOPLE…uh, remember US Mr. fancy pants big BRO? WE DONT WANT OUR HORSES SLAUGHTERED AND EATEN, IN FACT WE EFFIN DEMAND THAT THIS COMES TO A HAULT, with a quickness! I wish all slaughter facilities would just be swallowed into the earth and sunk into the jowls of hell right along with the degenerates who promote them.

  3. I signed the petition. However, I’m concerned that this petition makes no mention of making it illegal to transport horses for slaughter to Canada and Mexico. If we don’t stop the transport we can’t stop the slaughter of American horses.

    • Cindy, the petition may not mention it, but it’s part of the bill itself (S.1176/H.R.2966) – no transport to slaughter (for the purpose of human consumption), within or outside of the U.S. as well as making horse slaughter for human consumption illegal in the United States.

  4. I have spent the majority of my life dealing with horses in a multitude of disciplines. It is sad that in the past Mexico and Canada do slaughter them for dog food as well as transport some of the meat to other countries. The problem remains that they are now legal, without USDA regulation for human consumption.

  5. I have signed this petition and am spreading the word despite having serious misgivings about the petition letter. The letter is 100% INcorrect about what happened to permit horse slaughter plants to reopen in the US, and what needs to be done to stop it – short of passing S1176/HR2966 of course.

    Obama did NOT sign a bill legalizing horse slaughter. Horse slaughter was already legal – the closing of the horse slaughter for human consumption plants was caused by Congress defunding USDA inspections of these plants in 2005. Without USDA inspections, no meat can be sold for human consumption. This did NOT affect horse slaughter for non-human consumption and neither do the two anti-slaughter bills now in committee.

    What happened was that the Agriculture Budget part of the overall Federal Budget passed the House with the language that maintained the defunding of inspections intact. The bill passed the Senate without the language. In a sub-conference committee of four legislators, behind closed doors, and at the very last minute, voted 3 to 1 to remove the defunding language from the final bill. It’s big to us, but to everyone else it’s a tiny paragraph in the Ag Budget that they probably never even heard of. Obama probably didn’t even know that tiny paragraph had even been removed. It didn’t matter anyway by then – it was must pass or have a government shut-down – which was the way it was planned. Even anti-slaughter legislators HAD to sign it. It was sneaky, dirty and should be illegal. But it isn’t and lots of horrid legislation gets passed this way. An example that comes to mind is the so-called Burns Amendment on the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act which gave the BLM the right to slaughter our wild horses.

    What needs to be done is to reinsert the defunding language back into the Ag Budget. There is NO bill to overturn, and as I said, all Obama and all the others did was pass a must-pass Federal Budget to avoid a shut-down of the entire government. Read all about it in this investigative report in FORBES:

    • Suzanne Moore, please stop defending Obama. Considering his appointment of Salazar, he is FOR all this slaughter. He knew exactly what he was signing. You don’t get elected president by being stupid.

      • Barbara, we MUST stick to the facts or we will be perceived as not knowing what we are talking about. We scream when Wallis or Duquette make a big blunder and say, “SEE! They don’t know what they’re talking about!”

        The same rules apply to us. Obama did NOT sign a bill to legalize horse slaughter! That is a FACT. I doesn’t matter what you or me or anyone else wants to think. Facts are facts and we look ignorant if we don’t stick to them. This is too important to ME to allow anyone’s incorrect information to stand. We will only win if we stick to the TRUTH. The only thing I am defending are the facts of exactly what happened in order for inspections to be re-funded.

        This kind of thing has happened MANY times before. Some unscrupulous legislators stick something at the last minute onto a large bill that everyone has already read. They are NOT required to inform anyone that there is something new in the bill. That is how the Burns Amendment got attached to the Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act of 1971. Many who signed onto it were furious when they found out, but this is NOT illegal – although it certainly should be.

        Many of our anti-slaughter legislators signed it too, because they HAD to. You can hate Obama to your heart’s content, but we still have to stick to facts.

  6. This is a disgrace for our country. These animals brought settlers to the west from the east coast. They are a symbol of our freedom. Only a barbaric person would eat one, or agree to let it happen. I am watching to see who votes to kill them or leave them alone. It will affect my vote, and you can believe I follow the updates.

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