“Last week BLM officials indicated that they would know whether there would be an official stay of the scheduled Cibola-Trigo roundup by tomorrow, Friday 4/27. (Per Admin, there is Now a Stay Until May 2.)

That means that IBLA (Interior Board of Land Appeals) must soon decide whether BLM’s claim that there would be no adverse impact from a 2nd roundup in less than 2 years (1 1/2) is sensible or credible.

More than 1100 persons submitted comments challenging BLM’s claim of “no adverse impact” which apparently triggered the IBLA to hold a hearing to examine the merits of BLM’s claim vs. that of burro advocates.

VERY SOON the IBLA meets to make a final decision: to grant a formal stay or not. I have spent the last few days tracking burros in the Cibola herd area and can definitively assert that if BLM is permitted to roundup the allotted 350 burros here that there won’t be a burro left in this ideal burro habitat -where conflict with peoples is minimal at best.

Moreover, this herd was aggressively ‘gathered’ in Sept 2010 and most jennies were removed and those released were treated with PZP.

This apparently was quite effective as I’ve seen no sign of a foal in several days of searching – not even tracks! Hence there is no conceivable justification for an additional follow-up roundup at Cibola now, or in the next several years.

The remaining burros spend most of their time on adjacent BLM land and only cross onto the (US) Cibola Wildlife Refuge at night to water and perhaps to browse on scores of acres of alfalfa planted for wildlife.

I have heard no complaints about adverse impacts of these nocturnal visitations not even from the refuge director who confided that he rarely sees burros himself.

In short, the BLM achieved their goal of restricting or halting reproduction at Cibola in 2010, and reducing the base population.

There is absolutely no justification for an additional roundup at this point or for the next 4-6 years, let alone next week as currently planned.

Please call the IBLA offices today to remind them of these basic facts and the complete lack of justification for further removals at this point. It might not hurt to mention what a complete waste of tax dollars it would be especially at a time of fiscal crisis and embarrassment it could cause BLM and the Dept of Interior if widely exposed & publicized:

CLICK HERE to View Video From the Last Roundup in 2010.


Please Send Faxes and Emails Using  the number IBLA2012-143  to accompany your Faxes and Emails to the IBLA for comments to be heard! in regards to the Chibola/Trigo Burro Round-Up.

CLICK HERE to Send Free Faxes From Your Computer.  5 Free Faxes Per Day.

Interior Board of Land Appeals
Office of Hearings and Appeals
U.S. Department of the Interior
801 N. Quincy Street, Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22203
703-235-3750 (voice)
703-235-9902 (facsimile)

AZ BLM’s contact info is:

Lori Cook,
Office: (928) 317-3243
Cell: (928) 246-8560 cell
Public Affairs Specialist
Colorado River District

Also, it might behoove us to also contact daily newspapers & TV stations in Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale & Yuma AZ. is the website for one group of AZ TV stations. The main number in Phoenix for their station there is 602 207 3333.  The Email Address is

This may be D day for the Cibola burros. Hopefully a last minute push with the IBLA and local media will tip the scales in their favor and grant them a formal “stay” and a long term postponement of removal.



  1. They won’t stop until the Burrows and Donkeys are in trouble….they compete with the cattle…and a fair amount of the cattlemen are also oilmen……need we say more?

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