AMERICA’S HORSES NEED YOU NOW, Download and Distribute Flyers

Photo Courtesy of Tamara Gooch

Background From | Wild Horse Action

WH&B Warriors – Time to walk the talk more than ever before.

1) Please take the recommended actions on the attached flyers & then let’s get the public more informed & to take action as well! There are two different flyers below for public awareness & education, one that is more hard-hitting & simple for the general public & the other with more detailed information. Both flyers are meant to be two-sided, one side covering the WH&B issues & the other side covering the anti-slaughter issues. Each flyer side is attached separately so that they can be printed up singly or double-sided, depending on the target audience & what is most effective.

The GeneralWHB-Flyer/GeneralAnti-Sl-Flyer can be used for the National War Horse Movie Flyer Campaign for advocates to pass out in person starting Christmas Day. CLICK HERE to find out where the movie is playing in your area.
Also, each side can be posted on bulletin boards at feed/tack stores, pet stores, horse stables, riding clubs, libraries, vet schools, vet clinics, etc, & wherever else possible. Or, the double-sided flyer can be handed out in person at those venues. All with permission, of course.
The DetailedWHB-3PtFlyer/DetailedAnti-Sl-3PtFlyer is a 3-part foldable flyer that can be given to people/media who want a little more information. Or, use both flyers for a two-power punch.

Rescues & sanctuaries can post the flyers at your facilities &/or hand out them out to the public who come to your facilities.

Note:  CA, IL, TX, OK, & MS are anti-horse slaughter states, so all those reps should be on board.

2)  Please post the following message & link to your email lists, websites, blogs, groups, Facebook & Twitter to get more folks on board with this effort. The link will direct them back to this Wildhorseaction page.

Action Alert – Help America’s Horses, Both Wild & Domestic – Printable Flyers Available.  CLICK  HERE.  Or, make up your own flyers & go for it. Thank You.
CLICK  HEREHERE, HERE, and HERE to download Fliers Prepared by Carla Bowers/wildhorseaction.
Roundup Wreck
Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption in the U.S.

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