DO YOU THINK FOR YOURSELF? Or Do You Follow The Barney Crowd?

Photo Courtesy of Marge Mullen, New England Saddlebred Assn. Inc.

ESSAY | Courtesy of Monika Courtney

Children that grow up in a society that teaches them about reality will face a better future, as these kids will become independent thinkers, and not become victims of a tyrannical reign of corporate sabotaging, corruption and greed. If EWA is the source for this education, our kids are lucky. If our kids take on our values that we teach, we are lucky!

If you belong to those in a Barney crowd who deny their kids the opportunity to learn the reality, and want to deny them the truth in order to serve your own value system, go ahead. We are not telling you not to. But we are not the Barney crowd alarmists who seek redemption in the form of manipulating a good cause that teaches responsibility, compassion and humane alternatives.

You believe you see the reality? When have you seen a horse butchered, which slaughter plant and what method? If the imminent public health risks in possible controlled long-term studies on tainted meat verify what is already known – will your focus shift to alternatives?

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Gray of Homes For Horses

With the embellished clever food giants selling unhealthy, dangerous foods even in school cafeterias, those kids are clearly victims of a reality they are not taught anything about. Teaching kids about what they eat is something lacking in this country, and obesity is one of the consequences. Kids are treated like infantile babies, shielded from the reality, trapped by the views of adults who can’t handle the truth.

Truth is: this country is out of control with over-breeding. I am not an animal wing-nut or tree-hugger. I network, rescue and help animals nationwide. I receive hundreds of email alerts every week of animals on death row. This is the result of pure ignorance and over-breeding.

Children’s Letter Writing Progression

It is the same with horses. They end up in auctions because people keep breeding for that perfect filly, with the perfect markings… if not, they dump it. Or they use young horses at away too young age, they become crippled as their bones are not strong enough yet to be ridden or used, and where do they end up? At the auction barn and then the kill-buyer feed lot!

It is our society that needs to get a grip, and make a shift from the “throw-away-mentality” ~ which is America’s trademark. Many Americans simply never consider this or think about it. I am from Switzerland originally, and have never seen such ignorant disposal/killings of thousands of animals by placing them into these shelters where they will die. And now we have the horse slaughter debate. We need to address the problems which cause this mess, and I wish more horse families would pick up on that as well, as it would make others think, and teach our kids the horrid reality rather than keep them in ignorance.

In a time of reality shows, corporate greed and government corruption, it is needed more than ever that we go back to some core values of dignity, respect and ethical commitments. Killing like this is not one of them, does not reflect responsibility; it is self-serving, lazy tunnel-vision, lining the pockets of those who exploit and continue the vicious cycle of suffering.

You say you have done your research? Have you seen the global award-winning documentary on this very complex topic, where not only ONE side is shown, but both? It ought to be shown to your Farm Bureau as a current event. Viewers will see that ONE SIDE you and yours don’t talk about. Our kids are learning compassion for life ~ respect and responsibility towards all sentient beings, and finding the desire to commit to improve the world, not exploit it with lame excuses.

We have every right to influence our own children with our values and motivate their participation. If the political topic does not fit into your agenda or goals, that is too bad. Your own ignorance is garnished with this concern for “our” kids being used as a political tool, influenced by some group or others. But no one here tells you how to raise your kid, even if we don’t agree with your irresponsible stance on kill shelters. I suggest that to learn reality, you go volunteer in a gassing shelter or one that still kills with heart sticks. You may be carved of stone, but that might do the trick.

To learn reality, watch Saving America’s Horses, which shows BOTH sides. One is the reality these horses suffer, the other is the source of it: People like you who can’t stand it when others won’t cave in to your manipulation and attempts to destroy a good thing. With archaic mindsets, archaic animal protection laws and a blind eye to the reality by most who prefer not to see it, in charge now, our future world depends more and more on making people understand that love and respect is the basis for peace; yet it takes hard work to achieve.

We cannot defend and be kind to animals until we stop exploiting them. Exploiting them in the name of science, sport, fashion and food is the tool of corporate greed.

No starving or old horse (or any horse for that matter) should ever have to face the fate of slaughter, because it is and never was, and never will be humane for a horse to be butchered in a slaughter plant.


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