En Garde! The Three Muskateers of HorseSlaughter.


(How Many Senators Does It Take to Slaughter a Horse)



YO!  Brogan’s in the Senate and the House

Brogan Horton with Animal Rescue Unit will be pounding the halls of Congress! It’s time for some real education and facts in Congress and the Senate!

With the right fund raising, she will have educational meetings in over 200 offices and will pass out over 200+ lobby packets of information about the Wild Horse and Burro round ups and the horrors of horse slaughter! This will be a marathon event, with over 30 meetings a day set up!

If you would like to volunteer or donate, please consider it. She needs $600 total including the cost of the lobbying packets- about $400 – and the other $200 is for cab fare ~ it takes too long to run to the next meeting in a different building! All personal expenses (hotel, food etc.) are being paid out of her own pocket. Please Click HERE to Donate.

This is the time to STAND UP for the horses, as their fate in this country grows more and more grim! The event will be held in conjunction with Equine Welfare Alliance’s lobbying event coming up soon! Please email for specific dates as we don’t want to advertise them as to not give ”the other side” our dates so they can’t show up in the same offices! It’s time to Put Up! These horrific acts need to stop, NOW!


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