MASS PROTEST of BLM and KEN SALAZAR. Call, Email and Fax Every Day.

Tamara Gooch Photography

THERE WILL BE A MASS PROTEST AGAINST BLM ON MARCH 1.  In The Meantime, Please Fax, Call and Email Every Day Per the Instructions Below. 


Unified Call to Action from Animal Law Coalition, ASPCA, Cloud Foundation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Horse Fund, Equine Welfare Alliance, and Front Range Equine Rescue.

Join thousands of concerned and caring Americans around the country.

Protest Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s appointment of Callie Hendrickson to the BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board [1] as the General Public Representative.

Background: Callie Hendrickson is the Executive Director of the White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts representing ranching interests, many of whom have permits to run livestock on public lands in Northwestern Colorado. The organization successfully petitioned to become an intervenor on the side of BLM to completely remove the West Douglas Wild Horse Herd on the Western Slope of Colorado.

  • Ms. Hendrickson supports the sale without limitation of all unadopted wild horses to the highest bidder (including slaughter buyers).
  • Ms. Hendrickson will speak at the second pro-slaughter conference (Summit of the Horse) in Oklahoma City this spring.

Photo of the Week 2/13/2012

According to Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM and former Chief USDA Inspector: “The captive bolt is not a proper instrument for the slaughter of equids, these animals regain consciousness 30 seconds after being struck, they are fully aware they are being vivisected”. But that’s not what Sue Wallis, a Wyoming Republican Representative, wants you to know.Sue, who some call “Slaughterhouse Sue”, is on the board of a group of horse industry professionals who make their livelihoods from the blood of horses…one way or another. They ARE rubbing their hands together in excited anticipation of horse slaughter plants to opening in the U.S. again, even though humane compassionate people shut those plants down 5 years ago. To rally support from the general public, Sue Wallis makes outrageous claims and comparisons, as if we are all stupid and will be fooled by her lies AND TWISTED PRESENTATION OF WELL- KNOWN MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC FACTS.Here’s something that she recently distributed: “It is cruel and inhumane NOT to slaughter a horse that you cannot keep and cannot feed”.BUT SHE NEVER ONCE MENTIONS OVER-BREEDING OF HORSES as the root cause of the situation.

CLICK  HERE to view the Album, WE DON’T EAT OUR HORSES.  PLEASE USE THESE PHOTOS!  Educate your own friends who don’t have a clue about horse slaughter! Download any of them – say what you have to say about the horrors of horse slaughter in a caption – “Please Make This Issue Go VIRAL”.