Photo Of The Week 1/30/2012

Photo from Album:  WE DON’T EAT OUR HORSES

This week’s featured anti-slaughter photo is available for downloading and sharing by anyone.

The truth is that we never have raised horses as a food animal in this country. Drugs routinely given to horses contaminate the meat for human consumption anyway, regardless of their “livestock” designation. The number of “unwanted” horses does not drive the slaughter industry ~ greed, overbreeding, and irresponsibility drive this gruesome practice! Providing the option of slaughter, and US government subsidy to horse breeders, provide no incentive for a decrease in supply (new birth) for an industry that makes money from the disposal of a life as if it were trash. Horses experience excruciating pain, suffering, and horrifying treatment at the hands of humans who have no respect for another living creature. They cannot be incapacitated and rendered unconscious prior to slaughter as other food animals can – and every method employed fails to address these differences.  

Without the contributions of the horse, there is no doubt our own quality of life would be significantly degraded. This is how we thank them?

For More Information, See Animals’ Angels

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